During the quarantine, many events are canceled, including cultural ones: in the current conditions, you cannot go to the Museum. This situation is being corrected by a mobile communication system developed by the Chinese company Tencent in 2011 – WeChat. This network started working with 11 museums in the United States and was one of the first to show the work “Museum in the cloud”. The American Alliance of museums (AAM) supports this collaboration. The WeChat go program has become one of the most relevant ways to spend leisure time in self-isolation, while people are sitting at home and cannot go to a cultural place. It allows you to visit museums in digital mode: you can find interesting for you artists, paintings or entire exposure, and you do not have to go out.

This project includes such famous museums as the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Museum of the City of New York, Guggenheim, Walt Disney Family Museum, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Brooklyn Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, Autry Museum of American West, and Telfair Museums. Not only the Chinese audience, but also all those who are registered in this network, can learn about various types and directions in art, get acquainted with different periods of art, as well as visit such interesting places as the Aquarium and the Observatory.

在隔离期间,许多活动被取消,包括文化活动:在当前情况下,您无法前往博物馆。2011年,中国腾讯公司开发的移动通信系统–微信正在扭转这种局面。 这个网络开始与美国11个博物馆合作,并且是最早展示“云博物馆”的作品的网站之一。 美国博物馆联盟(AAM)支持这种合作。 当人们坐在家里无法去文化场所时,微信围棋计划已成为在休闲活动中度过自我关怀的最相关方法之一。 它使您可以以数字方式参观博物馆:您可以找到对艺术家,绘画或全部展览感兴趣的东西,而不必外出。

该项目包括纽约现代艺术博物馆(MoMA)、纽约市博物馆、古根海姆、沃尔特迪斯尼家庭博物馆、旧金山亚洲艺术博物馆、布鲁克林博物馆、皮博迪·埃塞克斯博物馆、美国西部奥特里博物馆和特尔费尔博物馆等著名博物馆。 不仅中国观众,而且在该网络中进行注册的所有观众,都可以了解艺术的各种类型和方向,熟悉不同时期的艺术,还可以参观水族馆和天文台等有趣的地方。

Various museums with various collections provide an opportunity to learn more about both Western and Eastern cultures. Visiting such an online platform with variable museums is free and offers a wide range of opportunities: you can get tours with an audio guide, watch video materials, presentations of works presented in the collections, and even participate in interactive games. Each Museum presents its own program for visitors in this cloud. Let’s talk about some of them.

MoMA is one of the first and most representative museums of modern art in the world. In their mini-program, in addition to introducing Chinese visitors to the masterpieces of the collection (for example, “Starry night” by Vincent van Gogh, “Water lilies” by Claude Monet or “Cans of Campbell’s soup” by Andy Warhol), two functions “Find Your Match” and “Rewards” are also offered. While viewing famous works of art, you can evaluate them and choose your favorite ones. Depending on where users swipe the image to the right or left, they will be evaluated whether they like the painting or not. The second function is to complete various tasks that can win prizes (for example, postcards from the Museum, exclusive wallpapers, or membership of the museum).

The Asian art Museum of San Francisco in its mini-program presents an extensive collection, museum guides and interactive achievements for users. When you travel through a virtual museum, it seems that you are making a route right through the building. The most interesting thing is that you can go on a fascinating tour together with the Director of the Museum, Dr. Jay Xu. There is also a function for adding a collection to “My showcase”. After a tour of the Museum, the user can pass a test, after successful completion, get a certificate, and become an “Expert collector”.

Thanks to a wide range of digital technologies, this project provides a unique opportunity to learn about art, get an exciting experience and expand your own horizons without crossing real borders. This is very interesting and informative! And if you do not know how to brighten up your everyday life, then be sure to join and participate in this project. 

拥有大量藏品的各种各样的博物馆为您提供了更多了解西方和东方文化的机会。 参观具有可变博物馆的这种在线平台是免费的,并且提供了广泛的机会:您可以通过语音指南进行游览,观看介绍藏品中的作品演示的视频资料,甚至参与互动游戏。 每个博物馆在云中为游客呈现自己的节目。 让我们来谈谈其中的一些博物馆吧。

MoMA是世界上最早,最具代表性的现代艺术博物馆之一。 在他们的小程序中,除了向中国游客介绍该系列的杰作(例如Vincent van Gogh的《星夜》,Claude Monet的《睡莲〉或Andy Warhol的《坎贝尔的汤罐头》)之外, 还提供了“查找匹配”和“奖励”两个功能。 在查看著名的艺术品时,您可以对其进行评估并选择自己喜欢的作品。 根据用户向右或向左滑动图像的位置,将评估他们是否喜欢该绘画。 第二项功能是完成可以赢得奖品的各种任务(例如,博物馆的明信片,独家壁纸或博物馆会员资格)。

旧金山亚洲艺术博物馆(Asian arts Museum of San Francisco)在其迷你项目中向用户展示了大量的藏品、博物馆指南和互动成果。当您穿越虚拟博物馆时,似乎正在沿着建筑物穿越路线。 最有趣的是,您可以与博物馆馆长JayXu博士一起进行一次有趣的游览。 还有一个用于将收藏品添加到“我的陈列柜”的功能。 参观博物馆后,用户可以通过测试,成功完成之后,可获得证书,并成为“收藏专家”。

得益于广泛的数字技术,该项目提供了一个独特的学习艺术机会,获得令人兴奋的体验并在不跨越现实边界的情况下拓展自己的视野。 这是非常有趣和有益的! 而且,如果您不知道如何让您的日常生活变得丰富多彩,那么一定要加入并参与该项目。