For the Spring/Summer 2020, Raf Simons proved one again that his creativity goes beyond fashion. The Belgian fashioner, designed new t-shirts that confirm the strong connection between art and fashion.

The new creations of Raf Simons defined as “wearable art” is made from a Tyvek hospital gown, painted with bright colours and characterized by black stars-pattern and partly covered with brush strokes.

The amazing works of art, now available online, are not only the confirmation of the extraordinariness of Raf Simons but also the prof that the link between art and fashion is becoming more tight. Indeed Raf Simons crafting this unique t-shirt joined the series of fashion designer that with their creations give the possibility to wear art.

在2020年春夏时装周上,Raf Simons再次证明了他的创造力超越了时尚。这位比利时时装设计师设计的新T恤证实了艺术与时尚之间的紧密联系。

被定义为“可穿戴艺术”的拉夫·西蒙斯(Raf Simons)的新创作,是由一件泰维克(Tyvek)医院长袍制成的,它涂上明亮的颜色,以黑色星形图案为特色,部分用毛笔覆盖。

如今可以在网上看到的这些令人惊叹的艺术作品,不仅证实了Raf Simons的非凡之处,也证明了艺术与时尚之间的联系正变得越来越紧密。的确,Raf Simons设计的这件独特的T恤加入了时装设计师的行列,他们的设计为穿着艺术提供了可能性。