The outstanding artist and musician Daniel Johnston is once again honored in the last collaboration launched by Vans and No-Comply. Following the style of the first capsule released in 2019, the new collection is characterized by Johnston’s drawings all over the three famous silhouette shoes, two shirts, a cap, and a tote bag.

White, grey, cream and a few oranges details are the colors chosen to let stand out the artist’s peculiar drawings of aliens, fighters, singers, and stars. Also, the soles of the shoes are marked with white drawings and two number ’61 an ’19 – date of birth and death of the famous artist. 

No-Comply Skateshop and Vans announced the collaboration with a post on Instagram showing their devotion to Johnston and reminding that all the income will be given to Hi, How Are You Project, an American organization that takes care of mental health.Shoes, shirts, bags, and cap have been realized on June 13th in the USA Followed up with a June 21st (Go Skateboarding Day) limited release at finer skate shops domestically.

杰出的艺术家和音乐家丹尼尔·约翰斯顿(Daniel Johnston)在Vans和No-Comply的最后一次合作中再次获得荣誉。 继2019年发布第一个胶囊的样式之后,新系列的特征是约翰斯顿(Johnston)的图纸上三幅著名的剪影鞋,两件衬衫,一个帽子和一个手提袋。


No-Comply Skateshop和Vans在Instagram上宣布了一项合作,表明了他们对Johnston的热爱,并提醒所有收入将捐给Hi,How Are You Project,这是一家负责心理健康的美国组织。鞋,衬衫,包和帽子已于6月13日在美国上市,随后在6月21日(“滑板日”)在国内更高级的滑板店限量发售。