Italian company Valentino has started a collaboration with English artist and designer Roger Dean, creating together with him a men’s collection SS20. The artist transformed his works – fantastic landscapes and utopian worlds – in the style of the company. His works adorn silk shirts, sweaters, hats, sneakers, coats and bags. 

The main theme of the collaboration is the exploration of imaginary worlds, which are aimed at reflecting the constant principle of Valentino. It mixes old style, cultural heritage with new and unknown realities. The variety of cultural signs, the materialization of imaginary places build a dialogue and send us on an unforgettable journey, immerse us in the world of fantasy and dreams.

意大利公司华伦天奴(Valentino)已开始与英国艺术家和设计师RogerDean合作,与他一起创作了男士系列SS20。 这位艺术家以公司的风格改变了他的作品-奇妙的风景和乌托邦世界。 他的作品装饰着真丝衬衫,毛衣,帽子,运动鞋,大衣和手袋。


Original works of art made the collection bright and interesting. Some works have text accompaniment in the form of artworks titles: for example, on one of the sweaters, the inscription “Dragons garden”, and on the t-shirt – “Dragon at dawn”. The artist’s works take us to amazing places, to Islands, to fairy-tale worlds that materialize with the help of bright colors and at the same time combine with the elegance of the brand. Bright prints with images of fantastic subjects (owls, dragons, floating Islands and urban landscapes) contrast with the monochrome color of clothing.

When buying clothes from a new collection, you can not only get closer to contemporary art, but also realize the dream of a bright, unique and unsurpassed image, immerse yourself in a journey that may change you forever. Make summer 2020 bright and colorful in spite of everything!

原创性的艺术作品使这个收藏显得明亮而有趣。有些作品以题名的形式进行文字伴奏:例如,其中一件毛衣上题名“龙园”,T恤上题名“黎明之龙”。艺术家的作品带我们去神奇的地方,去岛屿,去童话般的世界,这些世界借助鲜艳的色彩得以实现,同时又与品牌的优雅融为一体。 带有奇妙主题(猫头鹰,龙,漂浮的岛屿和城市景观)图像的明亮打印与服装的单色形成鲜明对比。