The American company Converse as part of the Converse Artist has released a new collection of shoes, inviting 21-year-old artist Spencer McMullen from Florida to collaborate. A young artist hand-painted each sneaker for a fashion brand.

This collaboration was the result of a long-standing acquaintance. In 2015, popular American rapper and singer Tyler Gregory Okonma, also known as The Creator, paid attention to an unknown young artist who wanted to show the famous singer his drawings so much that he broke his bicycle. Tyler estimated McMullen’s artistic style, which has transformed with age, and attracted him as a lead designer to create new branded sneakers in the Chuck 70 series. “After growing up with the brand, applying my artwork to this sneaker was really a dream come true,” – said McMullen in an official press release.

作为匡威品牌的一部分,美国匡威公司近日发布了一款新鞋,邀请了来自佛罗里达州的21岁艺术家斯宾塞·麦克马伦(Spencer McMullen)来合作。一位年轻的艺术家为一个时尚品牌手绘了每一双运动鞋。

这次合作是一个长期相识的结果。2015年,美国著名说唱歌手泰勒·格雷戈里·奥孔马(Tyler Gregory Okonma)也被称为《创作者》(The Creator)关注了一位不知名的年轻艺术家,他太想向这位著名歌手展示自己的画作,以至于摔坏了自行车。泰勒估计麦克马伦的艺术风格,随着年龄的增长而改变,并吸引他作为首席设计师,在查克70系列创造新的品牌运动鞋。麦克马伦在一份官方新闻稿中说:“在和这个品牌一起长大后,把我的艺术作品应用到这双运动鞋上真的是梦想成真。”

Spencer McMullen, using instead of canvas surface shoes, in his own studio, which is located in Los Angeles, created interesting images, some of which are similar to children’s drawings. Also, turning to everyday subjects, he used photorealistic drawings, caricature images, scribbled text. The artist conveys in these works his inner experiences, tells about the lives of people around him. Sometimes the images are in contrast: for example, on one side it shows a boy playing with his dog, and on the other – a man with a bruise.

By combining various ideas, the artist was able to bring his story to life. The customer is offered to buy a high-quality product with unique author’s illustrations and thereby make their style more creative and colorful. Released on April 23, the sneakers can be purchased in the store for $ 100.

斯宾塞·麦克马伦(Spencer McMullen)在他位于洛杉矶的工作室里,用帆布面鞋代替了帆布面鞋,创造出了有趣的图像,其中一些与儿童图画相似。此外,在日常题材上,他使用了真实感绘画、漫画图像和潦草的文字。艺术家在这些作品中表达了自己的内心体验,讲述了周围人的生活。有时图像是相反的:例如,一边是一个男孩和他的狗玩,另一边是一个有瘀伤的男人。