Dior Homme has recently unveiled new images from the campaign shot by the iconic fashion photographer, Steven Meisel. It includes never before seen pieces from the collaboration between Dior Homme and an artist and designer, Shawn Stussy, namely semi-transparent jelly sandals. The campaign references the lettering and floral graphics made by Shawn Stussy.

The Dior Homme fall 2020 show was held in Miami on the eve of the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach – the international art faire. Creative director of the brand Kim Jones worked on the collection with an artist and the founder of the iconic surf brand Stussy, Shawn Stussy. The show was held at the new Rubell family Museum in December, 2019.

迪奥·桀傲(Dior Homme迪奥男装品牌)最近公布了由标志性时尚摄影师史蒂文·梅塞(Steven Meisel)拍摄的广告宣传片。其中包括迪奥男装(Dior Homme)和艺术家兼设计师肖恩·斯图西(Shawn Stussy)合作的从未见过的作品,即半透明的果冻凉鞋。该广告引用了肖恩·斯图西(Shawn Stussy)的文字和花卉图案。

Dior Homme 2020年秋季时装秀在迈阿密国际巴塞尔艺术博览会巴塞尔艺术展开幕前夕在迈阿密举行。 品牌的创意总监金·琼斯(Kim Jones)与艺术家以及标志性的冲浪品牌Stussy的创始人Shawn Stussy共同开发了该系列。 该展览于2019年12月在新的Rubell家庭博物馆举行。

During the show, at the entrance to the pavilion, guests were greeted by colorful American retro cars. The location was decorated with graphic prints of Stussy in the form of wavy letters from the word Dior. The collaboration included clothes with marble patterns created using a unique Japanese printing process. Stassy also presented black-and-white works with the beaded patterns added by the Dior team.

The show was opened with a cashmere sweater with psychedelic prints draped over a classic shirt, beach shorts and a French-style beret. Other outfits included a multicolored handmade beaded jacket, a flowered silk pajama set, snake-print shirts, leather half-coats and corduroy pleated silk shorts.

Shawn Stussy founded his own brand in the mid-eighties, but in 1996 he left the post as head of Stussy and retired from the fashion industry. Specially, for this show, he returned to fashion to create several prints for Dior, in particular, a new version of the Dior logo.

展会期间,在展馆入口处,五颜六色的美国复古车迎接了客人。 该位置装饰有Stussy的图形印刷品,以Dior一词的波浪字母形式出现。 此次合作包括采用独特的日本印花工艺制作的大理石花纹衣服。 Stassy还展示了黑白作品,以及Dior团队添加的串珠图案。


肖恩·斯图西(Shawn Stussy)在80年代中期创立了自己的品牌,但在1996年他离开了斯图西总裁的职位并退出了时尚界。不过为了这次时装秀,他再次回到了时尚界,为迪奥创作了一些印花,特别是迪奥日志的新版本。