Everything occurs in the surface, no matter what. This assumption is true for every work of art: the canvas becomes the place where things happen, where stories are told and messages are conveyed. Whether it be the reproduction of reality or an abstract composition, when the matter of art reveals itself with logical sensitivity, this opens up horizons with a deep level of beauty to be discovered over time and to be analyzed looking at every single detail. 

Roberta Boffo (b. 1986, Italy) is a real catalyst of emotions. She graduated in Chinese and Asian languages in Venice (Italy) and she finally moved first to Beijing and later to Hong Kong where she could follow her passion for art and develop her professional career. 


Roberta Boffo(出生于1986年,意大利)是一个真正的情感催化剂。她毕业于意大利威尼斯的中文和亚洲语言专业,后来搬到北京和香港,在那里她可以追随自己对艺术的热情,发展自己的职业生涯。

Her art is instinctive and intuitive. The full representation is a result of the flowing of feelings. ‘’I am at the mercy of my emotions […] When I make art, I cease to exist. I become a language that only I can speak. I become symbols. I become simplicity.’’ Her canvases are the most genuine revelation of the paradox of the complexity of simplicity. Roberta’s art is pure detail. She wants people to be stunned by her works and she asks the audience to “take a walk” through all the details of her compositions in order to discover something they have never seen before. Indeed, her artworks are impressive and destabilizing.

When I first looked at her art, I immediately realized how these pieces were meticulous, impressive, delicate and bold at the same time. I scrutinized the artworks, I studied visually the composition and I started asking myself the meaning of it. Roberta, with me, hits the target. This is exactly what the artist wants: to evoke reflection, meditation and contemplation. I literally took a walk out of my comfort zone. I felt it unusual, crazy and absolutely stunning. 

Her precision and craftsmanship are remarkable. The evident struggle she puts in balancing the black and white represents her willingness of harmony in life. The symbols and shapes Roberta draws and their repetition in the canvas, at the end, tend to foster a feeling of balance and measure. The final result is the immediacy of the idea.

她的艺术是凭本能和直觉的。完整的表现是情感流动的结果。“我受自己情感的支配……当我创作艺术时,我追求存在。我变成了只有我能说的语言。我成为符号。我变得简单。” 她的油画最真实地揭示了简单与复杂之间的矛盾。Roberta的艺术是纯粹的细节。她希望人们对她的作品感到震惊,她让观众在她作品的所有细节中“漫步”,去发现一些他们从未见过的东西。的确,她的作品令人印象深刻,也让人不安。