June is Pride Month. During this month many brands, including fashion ones, give support towards the LGBT community, protecting civil equality. To celebrate Pride Month in 2020 the German suitcase brand RIMOWA has collaborated with queer artists from around the world. They released an Instagram campaign dedicated to love and travel stories.

Being a language brand, RIMOWA chose traveling as a main topic for the collaboration. “The visual testimonials showcase the common experiences people of all backgrounds enjoy while exploring with a partner, as well as the unique journeys lived by the LGBTQ+ community,” commented a representative for RIMOWA. Among enlisted artists are Stephen Milner, Jack Taylor Lovatt, Lara & Marta, Strauss Louw, and Jeffrey Cheung.

This new collaboration shows the desire to travel, which unites many people around the world, and helps to meet your love. “I always had to travel to find people like myself. It`s these adventures and journeys that formed so much of who I am today. Travel is part of the DNA of our community,” said Jack Taylor Lovatt. Using different artistic styles: from painting to photogtaphy, artists created their artworks to tell stories about love and travels.

六月是骄傲月。 在这个月中,包括时装品牌在内的许多品牌都向LGBT社区提供了支持,保护了公民平等。 为了庆祝2020年的“骄傲月”,德国旅行箱品牌RIMOWA与来自世界各地的酷儿艺术家合作。 他们发布了一个专门针对爱情和旅行故事的Instagram广告系列。

作为语言品牌,RIMOWA选择旅行作为合作的主要主题。RIMOWA的一位代表评论说:“视觉证明书展示了不同背景的人们与合作伙伴一起探索时所享有的共同经验,以及LGBTQ +社区所经历的独特旅程。” 被征召的艺术家包括斯蒂芬·米尔纳(Stephen Milner),杰克·泰勒·洛瓦特(Jack Taylor Lovatt),拉拉&玛塔(Lara&Marta),施特劳斯·卢(Strauss Louw)和杰弗里·张(Jeffrey Cheung)。

这次新的合作显示了对旅行的渴望,它将世界各地的人们联系在一起,并帮助你遇见你的爱人。“我总是要到处寻找像我一样的人。正是这些冒险和旅程造就了今天的我。旅行是我们社区DNA的一部分”Jack Taylor Lovatt说。运用不同的艺术风格:从绘画到摄影,艺术家们用他们的作品来讲述爱情和旅行的故事。