Prada has launched a VR project to allow customers from all over the world to learn more about how the brand’s employees work now. The new VR project lets you walk through boutiques in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, as well as visit the Fondazione Prada in Milan and Venice.

The first Prada Virtual Reality videos are available through different brand’s social media platforms: YouTube VR channel, VEER, Oculus, Youku and Facebook. It is recommended to use VR headsets to view them. Launching a new project, Prada wants to become closer to all fashion lovers and its customers during this period when people are not able to travel.

“Prada introduces Virtual Reality, an innovative way to directly experience its universe: an intense and engaging journey that stimulates the senses and the emotions, breaks down barriers and overcomes distances to recreate a relationship that is both familiar and radically different at the same time,” said a representative of Prada on the brand`s website.

普拉达已经启动了一个虚拟现实项目,让世界各地的顾客可以更多地了解该品牌员工的工作方式。这个新的VR项目可以让你穿梭于纽约、洛杉矶和东京的精品店,以及米兰和威尼斯的普拉达基金会(Fondazione Prada)。

可以通过不同品牌的社交媒体平台(包括YouTube VR频道,VEER,Oculus,Youku和Facebook)获得首批Prada虚拟现实视频。 建议使用VR耳机进行观看。 推出新项目时,Prada希望在人们无法出行的这段时间内与所有时尚爱好者及其顾客保持更紧密的联系。

“普拉达(Prada)引入了虚拟现实技术,这是一种直接体验其宇宙的创新方式:一种激烈而又引人入胜的旅程,可以激发感官和情感,打破障碍并克服距离,从而重新建立既熟悉又完全不同的关系,” 普拉达(Prada)的代表在品牌网站上说。