CHI Media invites artists, designers, and architects to take part in City Reflection. To participate, please send your architecture-related artworks to our email address [email protected]. Our team will do a selection and forward the most suitable candidate’s creations to Roca Gallery.

City Reflection is an amazing project aimed at designers, architects and artists to showcase their architecture related creations on the 30 meters interactive LED Screens of Roca Gallery, located in the city center of Beijing. 

As the creator of the Gallery, Ma Yansong said: “I hope Roca Beijing Gallery could become a positive and active corner in city community, connecting the people with city in a simplest way.” From that, the project of City Reflection.The project, actually, does not just allow the artist to have a huge visibility to the public for one month, but also makes the art accessible to everyone, like a live stage: just by walking on the street, in fact, citizens have the opportunity to stop by and observe the creations projected on the big screens. 

One of the first artists who participated in City Reflection Project is Li Han who showcased ” A Little Bit Beijing.” This work wants to describe the life and the building in the hutongs of Beijing, whose colors and details are perfectly displayed on the LED walls. Roca Beijing Gallery also held an architectural photography exhibition by Nicanor Garcia, a Spanish architectural photographer. 

CHI Media 邀请艺术家,特别是设计师和建筑师参与“City Reflection”项目。若要参与,请将您的建筑相关艺术品发送到我们的电子邮件地址[email protected]我们的团队将进行挑选,并将最合适的候选人的作品转发给Roca画廊。

“City Reflection ”是一个了不起的项目,旨在让设计师,建筑师和艺术家在位于北京市中心的Roca 画廊30米高的交互式LED显示屏上展示他们与建筑相关的创作。

作为画廊的创建者 ,Ma Yansong 说:“我希望Roca北京画廊能够成为城市社区中以最简单的方式连接人们和城市的一个积极活跃的角落。” 由此可见“City Reflection”项目应用而生。实际上,该项目不仅可以让艺术家在一个月内对公众具有巨大的知名度, 也让艺术像一个现场舞台一样,让每个人都能接触到:实际上,只要走在大街上,市民就有机会停下来观看投影大屏幕上的作品。

参加“City Reflection ”计划的首批艺术家之一是展示出了其作品“A Little Bit Beijing”的LiHan .该作品旨在描述北京胡同中的生活和建筑物,其颜色和细节完美地显示在LED墙上。北京Roca画廊还举办了西班牙建筑摄影师尼卡诺·加西亚(Nicanor Garcia,)建筑摄影展。