Already presented during the Paris Fashion Week, the new collection SS20 of Off-White™ is now available in selected worldwide stores and on The collection presented jackets, straight-leg and tie-dye-colored jeans, ciclying and oversize t-shirts characterized by colourful and black spray-painted prints. 

For these new items, Virgil Abloh teamed up with the artist Futura/Futura 2000 transforming the collection in a tribute to the ‘80s graffiti scene in New York. The well-known model Gigi Hadid had the honour to close the show wearing one of the multicolour blazers and the cycling t- shirt designed in collaboration with the American artist. The same model of blazer, shirt and trouser in monochrome colours were worn by rapper and model Sheck Wes, who opened the show.

As well as the collaboration Off-White™ x Futura, during the show Virbil Abloh presented also the some selected shoes of his last collaboration with Nike Dunk.  The models wearing the new shoes and cloths walked though a catwalk surrounded by white flowers.

Off- White™的新系列SS20已在巴黎时装周期间推出,目前已在选定的全球门店和on – off-white.com有售。该系列推出了夹克、直筒牛仔裤和扎染牛仔裤,以及超大号t恤,其特点是彩色和黑色的喷印图案。

在这些新作品中,维吉尔·阿博罗(Virgil Abloh)与艺术家Futura/Futura 2000合作改造了这个系列,向纽约80年代的涂鸦场景致敬。著名模特吉吉·哈迪德(Gigi Hadid)很荣幸地以一件多色运动夹克和一件与这位美国艺术家合作设计的自行车t恤结束了时装秀。饶舌歌手谢克•韦斯(Sheck Wes)和模特谢克•韦斯(Sheck Wes)也穿了同一款单色运动夹克、衬衫和裤子。

除了与Off-White™x Futura的合作外,Virbil Abloh还展示了他与Nike Dunk的最后一次合作。模特们穿着新鞋和新衣服,走在满是白花的T台上。