Virgil Abloh never misses the point. The artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear continues to characterize his fashion brand Off-White™ with unique features and collaborations. 

To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death OFF-WHITE joins the Musée du Louvre and signs an amazing collection which shows how the street style of the Milan fashion brand can meet the elegance of Vinci’s paintings and art. This time Virgil Abloh decided to use two of Leonardo da Vinci’s most notable paintings, The Virgin of the Rocks and Saint Anne to create new art pieces that perfectly mix the Off-White™logos with renaissance art.

Describing the new collaboration and collection, Abloh said: “I want to crash together these two worlds that are seemingly different: fashion and high art. It’s a crucial part of my overall body of work to prove that any place, no matter how exclusive it seems, is accessible to everyone. I think that Leonardo da Vinci was maybe the first artist to live by that principle, and I am trying to as well.”

Virgil Abloh 从不错过重点。路易威登(Louis Vuitton)男装的艺术总监继续用独特的特点和合作来描述他的时尚品牌Off-White™。

为了庆祝列奥纳多·达·芬奇逝世500周年,OFF-WHITE加入卢浮宫博物馆,并签署了一个惊人的收藏,这个收藏展示了米兰时尚品牌的街头风格如何满足达芬奇的绘画和艺术的优雅。这一次,Virgil Abloh决定用列奥纳多·达·芬奇最著名的两幅画——《岩间圣母》和《圣安妮》——来创作新的艺术作品,这些新作品融合了文艺复兴时期艺术的 Off-White™微标。


Abloh was been already inspired by Leonardo da Vinci for Off-White™ SS18 collection and for his collaboration with IKEA, in both cases he used the well-known painting Mona Lisa to characterize his art-works. Although the incredible success of the previous collection and collaboration, this time Abloh overcome his self.