A whimsical garden-bestiary unveiled late November in the heart of Miami. The Raleigh hotel complex, being currently under restoration, opened the Raleigh Gardens with the special exposition of the artworks by Les Lalanne. 

The Raleigh Gardens is a site-specific tropical garden and immersive art experience opened to lovers of the extraordinary art spaces and art enthusiasts. With its inauguration, the visitors gained the free ticket into the phantasy of the Lalanne artists and designers. The French couple – Claude Lalanne and her husband François-Xavier Lalanne – known together as Les Lalanne, were famed for the abstract trend of the 1960s with their extravagant and fantastical sculptures of nature and the living. François-Xavier’s creations were often inspired by the animal world while Claude favored the botanical. The husband-and-wife duo had a flair for fusing flora and fauna into both delightful and functional works that defied the minimalism of mid-century art and design. 

The garden at Raleigh premises shows many iconic sculptures of the couple. Strolling through the grounds, the visitor will bump into the Homer-inspired sheep or an anthropomorphized cabbage with feet, ginkgo functional furniture and bronze apple, fish, turtles, an owl, and the immense gorilla being still the pinnacle of the collection. An overall number of sculptural artworks scattered in the lush gardens reached a little less than three dozen.


罗利花园是一个特定地点的热带花园和沉浸式艺术体验开放给非凡的艺术空间爱好者和艺术爱好者。随着开幕式的举行,游客们获得了进入拉兰内艺术家和设计师梦幻世界的免费门票。这对法国夫妇——Claude Lalanne和她的丈夫Francois-Xavier Lalanne——被称为Les Lalanne,以20世纪60年代的抽象潮流而闻名,他们用奢华和幻想的雕塑表现自然和生活。弗朗索瓦-泽维尔的创作常常受到动物世界的启发,而克劳德则偏爱植物世界。这对夫妻有一种天赋,能将动植物融合成既令人愉悦又实用的作品,挑战了中世纪艺术和设计的极简主义。


Worth to be mentioned, the specific garden-like gallery in the Raleigh complex, a space encompassing more than 25,000 square feet, has been designed by celebrity architect Peter Marino and high-profile Miami landscape designer Raymond Jungles. The tropical art garden is open to the public as a gift to the community from the new Raleigh owner – real-estate developer and investor Michael Shvo. He bought the 79-year-old beachside Raleigh hotel from Tommy Hilfiger in February for $103 million.

The Lalanne couple has been grabbing the newspaper headlines recently, as the Sotheby’s auction of Lalanne collection in Paris ended up with €91 million, marking the biggest ever sale. They used to collaborate with famous brands and persons during their lifetime, as well as used to be commissioned. Actually, the first commission was a sculptural bar for the home of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, which later followed by commissions by Hubert de Givenchy, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, and Reed Krakoff, among others. 

值得一提的是,这座位于罗利(Raleigh)综合大楼内的花园画廊由著名建筑师彼得马里诺(Peter Marino)和迈阿密知名景观设计师雷蒙德丛林(Raymond Jungles)设计,面积超过2.5万平方英尺。这座热带艺术花园向公众开放,是罗利市新业主、房地产开发商和投资者迈克尔·什沃(Michael Shvo)送给社区的礼物。今年2月,他以1.03亿美元的价格从汤米•希尔费格手中买下了拥有79年历史的罗利海滨酒店。

拉兰内夫妇最近一直是报纸的头条新闻,苏富比在巴黎举行的拉兰内藏品拍卖会以9100万欧元的价格成交,创下了有史以来最大的成交额。他们一生中曾与知名品牌、知名人士合作,也曾受人委托。实际上,第一个委托是为时装设计师伊夫•圣洛朗(Yves Saint Laurent)的家设计的一个雕塑酒吧,后来又有休伯特•德•纪梵希(Hubert de Givenchy)、卡尔•拉格菲尔德(Karl Lagerfeld)、马克•雅可布(Marc Jacobs)、约翰•加利亚诺(John Galliano)和里德•克拉科夫(Reed Krakoff)等人委托。