JW Anderson recently has released a new capsule for the Fall/Winter Season 2020 featured the artwork of David Wonjarowicz “Untitled Burning House” and we are on fire too!

​The designer of this collection admits: “I always been very inspired by Wonjarowicz’s work. It could be very dark but I think there was still some optimism there. He had a political voice but not just for the sake of it. It was about creativity coming through a political voice.” 

The items of the collection, from the t-shirts to the bags, are all representing the work of the artist in different colours. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Visual AIDS, an organization that promote the fight against AIDS through art. The artist indeed was always standing in the first row to raise awareness on AIDS, poverty, and homophobia and fight injustices.

The collection honouring Wonjarowicz has been realised in this particular period of time also to support peaceful protests raised in USA in the recent days and the Black Life Matter’s movement. The items are already available on JW Anderson website.

JW Anderson最近发布了一个2020秋冬的新胶囊,里面有David Wonjarowicz的艺术作品“Untitled Burning House”,于是我们也被感染了!



纪念Wonjarowicz的藏品在这一特定时期得到了实现,还支持最近几天在美国引发的和平抗议以及“黑人的命也是命”运动。 这些物品已经可以在JW Anderson网站上找到。