Recently, HONOR, a smartphone brand owned by Huawei, has presented a limited edition of Honor Magic Watch 2 Series in collaboration with contemporary artists. The collection includes 9 smartwatches featuring artworks of Jacky Tsai, Zhou Li, Wang Dongling, George Greaves, Xu Lei, and Giovanni Ozzola.

Each artist presented its own design philosophy and created a unique image of Honor Magic Watch 2, using a different style of art-expression: illustration, graphic design, photography, sculpture or calligraphy. The London-based Chinese artist Jacky Tsai created two designs of watches “Floral Horse” and “Shanghai Tang Café”. In his distinguished manner, Tsai combined pop-art with traditional Chinese painting motives. Tsai’s art, in the artist’s own words, seeks to become a bridge between two cultures. Jacky Tsai gained popularity at the age of 24 when he created his iconic floral skull for a fashion designer Alexander McQueen his iconic floral skull. The choice of a flower ornament as a formative element is due to Tsai’s desire to overcome his own fear and prejudices about death. Skulls decorated with flowers, birds and butterflies symbolize the triumph of life over death and appear repeatedly in prints and sculptures.

One of the most influential female artists in China, Zhou Li also creates her vision of Honor Magic Watch 2.  Her design “Peach Blossom Yard” consists of bright mix of red, pink and orange colors. In her art, she uses oil paint, ink, charcoal, and cotton textiles. Traditional Chinese art is also reflected on smartwatch “Cheng Hao, ‘Autumn Moon’, Entangled Script 1” and “Cheng Hao, ‘Autumn Moon’, Entangled Script 2” made by Chinese calligrapher, Wang Dongling. The artist is widely known as China’s greatest living calligrapher and known for his large abstract works, which he calls “calligraphic paintings.”  In his works, Dongling combines poetry and painting to translate the text of ancient Chinese poems into gesture interpretations of traditional characters.

近日,华为旗下智能手机品牌荣耀(HONOR)与当代艺术家合作推出了限量版HONOR Magic Watch 2系列。该系列包括9款智能手表,其中包括蔡赟骅(Jacky Tsai)、Zhou Li、Wang Dongling、George Greaves、XuLei和乔瓦尼·欧祖拉(Giovanni Ozzola)的作品。

每位艺术家都以不同的艺术表达方式(插图,图形设计,摄影,雕塑或书法)展示了自己的设计理念,并创造了Honor Magic Watch 2的独特图像。 伦敦的中国艺术家 杰克·蔡(Jacky Tsai)设计了两种手表“ Floral Horse”和“ Shanghai TangCafé”。 蔡(Tsai)以其杰出的方式将波普艺术与中国传统绘画的动机相结合。 用艺术家自己的话说,蔡的艺术试图成为两种文化之间的桥梁。 杰克·蔡(Jacky Tsai)于24岁时开始流行,当时他为时装设计师亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)创作了他的标志性花骷髅头。 选择花卉装饰物作为形成元素是由于蔡先生希望克服自己的恐惧和对死亡的偏见。 用花,鸟和蝴蝶装饰的头骨象征着生命战胜死亡,并反复出现在版画和雕塑中。

作为中国最有影响力的女艺术家之一,Zhou Li还创造了她的Honor Magic Watch 2愿景。 她的设计“桃花源”由红色,粉红色和橙色的明亮混合组成。 在她的艺术中,她使用油漆,油墨,木炭和棉纺织品。 中国书法家Wang Dongling制作的智能手表“Cheng Hao, ‘Autumn Moon’, Entangled Script 1” 和“Cheng Hao, ‘Autumn Moon’, Entangled Script 2” 也反映了中国传统艺术。 这位画家被广泛认为是中国最伟大的书法家,并以其大型抽象作品而著称,他称之为“书法绘画”。 Dongling在他的作品中将诗歌和绘画结合起来,将中国古代诗歌文本翻译成对传统文字的手势诠释。

Another design of Honor Magic Watch 2 called “The Palm Tree” made by George Greeves, a British illustrator from Bristol. He is known is as a master in the construction of fabulous archetypal formations. For this collaborative project, Greeves proposed the eye-catching design of a palm combines geometric elements with a muted color palette. One more dreamlike design was presented by Xu Lei, founder of the Pencil Bryan design team. His vision “Pencil Bryan” is a surrealistic fish in vivid blue colors. Xu Lei is known as an illustrator for many fashion magazines, among his clients are Vogue, QG, and Harpers Bazaar.

​Italian artist, Giovanni Ozzola mixed different artistic experiments with light, photography and sculpture to create his variants of smartwatches, called “One Day”, “Old Walls” and “Ficus”.  Being a multidiscipline artist, Ozzola is mainly focused on photography. Ozzola places interest in three-dimensional space and light and develops research on the mental image and essence of objects. The time of light and darkness is the thread that goes through all the work of the artist. For Ozzola, light means life, and darkness is the receptacle of human desires and fears.

Honor Magic Watch 2 is available in two sizes: 46 mm and 42 mm. Three different straps are also available to choose from, including rubber, leather and metal. The smartwatch has a 1.39-inch full-color AMOLED touchscreen display with customizable dials and a battery that allows you to work without recharging up to 14 days. The Limited artistic edition of Honor Magic Watch 2 is available for purchases on the brand`s official website.

来自布里斯托尔的英国插画家George Greeves制作的另一款荣耀魔术手表2的设计被称为“棕榈树”。 他以神话般的原型构造的建造大师而闻名。 对于这个合作项目,Greeves提出了一种醒目的设计,即手掌结合了几何元素和柔和的调色板。 Pencil Bryan设计团队的创始人XuLei提出了另一种梦幻般的设计。 他的愿景“ Pencil Bryan”是鲜蓝色的超现实主义鱼。 XuLei是许多时尚杂志的插画家,他的客户包括Vogue,QG和Harpers Bazaar。

意大利艺术家 乔瓦尼·欧祖拉(Giovanni Ozzola)将不同的艺术实验与灯光,摄影和雕塑相结合,创造出了他的智能手表的变体,称为“一天”,“旧墙”和“榕树”。 作为多学科艺术家,Ozzola主要专注于摄影。 欧祖拉(Ozzola)对三维空间和光产生了兴趣,并研究了心理图像和物体本质。 光明与黑暗的时光贯穿着艺术家的所有作品。 对于 欧祖拉(Ozzola) 来说,光意味着生命,黑暗是人类欲望和恐惧的容器。

Honor Magic Watch 2有两种尺寸:46毫米和42毫米。 三种不同的表带可供选择,包括橡胶,皮革和金属。 该智能手表配有1.39英寸全彩色AMOLED触摸屏显示屏,带有可自定义的表盘和电池,可让您工作长达14天而无需充电。 可在品牌官方网站上购买限量版的Honor Magic Watch 2艺术版。