As one of the quickest developing social networks for sharing pictures and videos, Instagram has become an effective communication tool for brands. Unlike traditional online advertising, Instagram allows luxury brands both to engage with consumers and to strengthen their image through storytelling and presenting unique content. The biggest challenge luxury brands face online is to keep their exclusivity and distinctive style. Hermès’ Instagram account is a stellar example of when a luxury brand retains its foundational values in the online world, from choosing the right content to effective engagement. 

According to the classification proposed by Bo and Guevel, social media marketers of luxury brands opt for four types of content on Instagram: artistic, educational, in store, or special events content. Hermès has been operating its Instagram account since 2013.  They advocate a lifestyle over directly promoting products, art often chosen for their main content. This style has deep roots in the brand’s philosophy. The brand organizes and sponsors artistic exhibitions worldwide and even founded the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, based in Paris. Every two years, the Fondation presents an international award for young designers, the Prix Émile Hermès. The Foundation also supports the Prix Marcel Duchamp award for French artists and foreign masters working in France, the Prix Henri Cartier-Bresson award for documentary photography, and the Immersion art photography residency program. Hermès supports many young artists, who are invited to art residencies at Hermès’ factories to study the production process and then create their own artworks. The most artistic Hermès garment is the famous silk scarf, the design of which has been recreated by many artists. It is understandable, therefore, that we see art playing such an important role for the brand; art is used in much of their Instagram content to embody Hermès’ unique brand philosophy.


根据Bo和Guevel提出的分类,奢侈品品牌的社交媒体营销人员在Instagram上选择了四种类型的内容:艺术类、教育类、实体店类或特殊活动类内容。爱马仕自2013年开始运营其Instagram账户。他们提倡一种生活方式,而不是直接推销产品,通常选择艺术作为他们的主要内容。这种风格深深植根于该品牌的理念。这个品牌在世界各地组织和赞助艺术展览,甚至在巴黎创立了爱马仕企业基金会。基金会每两年为年轻设计师颁发一个国际奖项——爱马仕奖(Prix Emile Hermes)。基金会还支持法国艺术家和外国大师在法国工作的马塞尔·杜尚奖、亨利·卡蒂埃-布列松奖纪实摄影奖和沉浸式艺术摄影驻留项目。爱马仕支持许多年轻的艺术家,他们被邀请到爱马仕工厂的艺术驻地学习制作过程,然后创作自己的艺术品。最有艺术感的爱马仕服装是著名的丝巾,它的设计被许多艺术家重新创造。因此,我们可以理解艺术对于品牌的重要性;他们在Instagram上的很多内容都用艺术来体现爱马仕独特的品牌理念。

Hermès guides their followers through a thematic artistic journey demonstrating key luxury dimensions: quality, uniqueness and hedonism.  Hermès has more than 9.8 million Instagram followers, with each post on the platform routinely garnering over 23 thousand likes. Their Instagram strategy is to post about 17 posts per series, with each series centering on a given theme. Selected artists are invited to express their vision of the brand using different ways and means. For example, artist Thomas Jacob created micro-figures in the leads of pencils to sculpt various Hermès symbols; animator Ugo Bienvenu presented special comics to tell the modern Hermès story. Not every social network is suitable for presence of a luxury brand. Since Hermès’ content is more artistic and inspirational than purely commercial, Instagram is considered the most suitable platform for the high-end fashion house.

爱马仕引导他们的追随者通过一个主题艺术旅程,展示关键的奢侈品维度:质量,独特性和享乐主义。爱马仕在Instagram上有980多万粉丝,该平台上的每个帖子通常都有超过2.3万个赞。他们在Instagram上的策略是每部系列发布大约17个帖子,每个系列围绕一个特定的主题。邀请被选中的艺术家用不同的方式和手段来表达他们对品牌的愿景。例如,艺术家Thomas Jacob在铅笔的铅笔芯上创造了微型人物,用来雕刻各种爱马仕的符号;漫画家Ugo Bienvenu展示了特别的漫画来讲述现代爱马仕的故事。并不是每个社交网络都适合奢侈品牌的存在。由于爱马仕的内容比纯粹的商业内容更具艺术性和启发性,Instagram被认为是这家高端时尚品牌最适合的平台。