“Judy Chicago invites us to reconsider the roles and power relationships that determine, though the lens of gender, the way we live together today,” Dior commented in a PR statement. Creative director of the Dior women’s line Maria Grazie Chuiri has a great interest in feminism, exampled by her support of female-led organizations. Dior’s flagship boutique on Avenue Montaigne in Paris recently made use of feminist slogans from the 1960s. The brand has also previously sponsored an exhibition about art and feminism in Italy. 

Chicago, now at 80 years of age, is best known for introducing the world to the term ‘feminist art’ back in the 1970s. She also founded the first feminist art program in the United States. One of her most famous artworks is “The Dinner Party,” an installation devoted to the role of women in history and culture.

迪奥在一份公关声明中评论道:“朱迪·芝加哥(Judy Chicago)邀请我们重新考虑决定我们今天共同生活方式的角色和权力关系,尽管这是性别的镜头。”迪奥(Dior)女装品牌的创意总监玛丽亚·葛拉齐楚里(Maria Grazie Chuiri)对女权主义非常感兴趣,她对女性领导的组织的支持就是一个例证。迪奥(Dior)位于巴黎蒙田大道(Avenue Montaigne)的旗舰店最近使用了上世纪60年代的女权主义口号。该品牌之前还在意大利赞助了一个关于艺术和女权主义的展览。

现年80岁的芝加哥在20世纪70年代以向世界介绍“女性主义艺术”而闻名。她还创立了美国第一个女权主义艺术项目。她最著名的艺术作品之一是《晚宴》(The Dinner Party),这是一部讲述女性在历史和文化中的角色的装置作品。