NEXT HUMANKIND is the name of the new artworks’ experience that Gentle Monster Beijing decided to show. The flagshop located in SKP will be the place of another engaging and future cross-cultural exhibition where art will mix with the authentic and peculiar glasses design.

GENTLE MONSTER revels “ART EXPERIMENT SPACE as the starting point of SKP-S. Annually presenting new episodes of various art installations and brand pop-ups. This time we want to make people discover a completely new shopping experience, different from the first episode FUTURE FARM where robotic sheep grazing in a virtual ranch”.



This time the Korean brand has chosen to transform the shop in an alternative museum where statues, recalling ancient Greece are modified and distorted to make clients believe they are in alternate space. 

With this new thematic Gentle Monster will also introduce an “artistic dessert brand NUDAKE. Combining fashion and art to create unique desserts”. The cafè will be open always in Taikooli North and will be another amazing experience that connects Earth to Mars.