Do you want to discover your creative potential while sitting in quarantine? This opportunity is provided by Bombay Sapphire gin brand and Bacardi brand within the Create from home platform. Everyone can collaborate with one of the world’s leading brands, using their imagination and creativity.

This platform includes online courses on the topics of illustration, design, photography, video, and other lessons, which are free of charge for curious people. These workshops help people learn new skills or improve and expand their creative potential. All these classes are held in collaboration with Bombay and the American Skillshare community, which provides online training.

Moreover, in cooperation Bombay Sapphire with The Other Art Fair, currently there are online exhibitions that you can join for free. In the online studio Ever, visitors can see a lot of works by beginner artists and get new knowledge and inspiration for their work. In order you not to get bored studying artists, the gin brand gives cocktail recipes that can be made at home.


好奇者可以免费获得该平台包括有关插画,设计,摄影,视频和在线的其他课程。这些讲习班可帮助人们学习新技能或改善和扩大他们的创造潜力。所有这些课程都是与孟买和提供在线培训的American Skillshare社区合作举办的。

另外,与其他艺术展合作的Bombay Sapphire,目前有可以免费参加的线上展览。在Ever网上工作室,访客可以看到很多初学者的作品,并获得新的知识和灵感。为了不让你对研究艺术家感到厌烦,杜松子酒品牌提供了可以在家制作的鸡尾酒配方。

In addition, drawing competitions are held, in which people with different levels of knowledge and talent can participate. You can turn to any art technique – the most important thing is creativity in the works. The company offers everyone to draw a virtual drink or make a thematic drawing. Every week a new theme for works appears on the official website and Instagram (the themes of 2 last weeks are “Sunset” and “Cactus in a pot”). The rules are very simple: draw a picture and mark it in the social network @society6. Then the competition jury selects the seven best works, and the winners receive a $ 50 Society6 card.

Another opportunity to show your abilities is to make various inventions. Bombay Sapphire offers people some tutorials with detailed instructions, with which you can make various art crafts. For example, create a hanging magazine holder, wicker baskets made of cotton rope for storing small things, or a vase for artificial flowers, and much more. You can try to make one of the suggested objects and share your results with others. Join them and ignite a spark of inspiration with Bombay Sapphire!