Undercover spring-summer 2020 show was held during the men’s fashion Week in Paris and interested not only fashion fans, but also artists. Japanese designer Jun Takahashi used pictures from Untitled Film Stills series (1877-1980) in collaboration with photographer Cindy Sherman.  “ I work with people who have something that I don’t have. My philosophy of destroying stereotypes remains unchanged, and now I wanted to do something outside the street”, Takashi said. 

Sherman tries out different images from popular science fiction and low-budget films. The author turned to the film images of the popular Italian neorealism and American Noir and then completely surrendered to the power of her own intuition. In her pictures, we can consider the ideas of feminism, which explores the role, purpose and influence of woman in society. It is should be stressed that Sherman’s works have already appeared in the women’s collection Undercover spring-summer 2018. 

《Undercover春夏季2020时装秀》在巴黎男装周期间举办,不仅吸引了时尚迷,也吸引了艺术家。日本设计师高桥盾(Jun Takahashi)与摄影师辛迪·谢尔曼(Cindy Sherman)合作,使用了未命名的电影剧照系列(1877-1980)中的照片。“我和那些拥有我所没有的东西的人一起工作。我打破陈规陋习的理念没有改变,现在我想做点与街头无关的事情,”高桥盾说。

谢尔曼尝试了流行科幻小说和低成本电影中的不同形象。作者转向受欢迎的意大利新现实主义和美国黑色电影形象,然后完全臣服于自己直觉的力量。在她的作品中,我们可以看到女性主义的思想,探索女性在社会中的角色、目的和影响。应该强调的是,谢尔曼的作品已经出现在了2018年春夏女装系列《Undercover》(Undercover spring-summer)中。

The work of the artist is reflected in the decorative embroidery on shirts, jackets, bomber jackets and bags. Rejecting bright colors, Takahashi presented a basic collection filled with elegant clothes. The new Collection includes cropped jackets with elbow-length sleeves, shirts with extra pockets, and jackets with brown leather and black wool. A distinctive feature is also the fabric with a shiny black coating.

According to feminists, Cindy has a masculine view of the image of women. However, Sherman herself never discusses or comments the meaning of her works. Undoubtedly, her photos draw attention to the objectification of the role of women during history, and even more in Japan, where the problem has been acute for many years.  We can assume that this collaboration and prints with female images on men’s clothing will serve to attract the attention of men themselves, as well as the public to the women’s issue.