To celebrate the release of the new collaboration between Bodega and New Balance, the fashion brand house has enlisted seven different creatives, Shoe Surgeon, Kumanokoido, Jacob Rochester, Steph Morris, YEENJOY, Studio Hagel, Greater Goods to produce exclusive items within their respective expertise.The creatives involved, all belong to the streetwear culture scene and gave their own interpretation of the partnership, by creating unique pieces only using the X-Racer and its accompanying apparel as main inspiration. 

The Shoe Surgeon, Dominic Ciambrone, founder of Surgeon Studios, a design collective for sneakers customization, took his inspiration from the utilitarian workwear, by using earth tones to play off the inspiration of the woods.

Kumanokoido, a Japanese artist, made his bears using West African wax prints, vintage samples and patchwork of military camos. According to Kumanokoido, his bears represent his wish to make friends and connect people throughout the world.

Artists Jacob Rochester painted the brand on canvas instead, showing a man in motion, wearing Bodega x New Balance, representing the versatility of the sneakers itself.

According to Stephen Morris, who also represented the brand on canvas: “The idea with this piece was to focus on the textures of the shoe and really make that shine. The most important thing was recreating the texture and capturing each element, from the subtle cross-hatching down to every last indivisible stitch.”

为了庆祝Bodega和New Balance之间新合作的发布,这家时装品牌公司招募了七个不同的创意者,分别是Shoe Surgeon,Kumanokoido,Jacob Rochester,Steph Morris,YEENJOY,Studio Hagel,Greater Goods,以他们各自的专业知识生产独家商品 。所涉及的所有创意人都属于街头服饰文化界,并通过仅以X-Racer及其随附的服装为主要灵感来制作独特的作品,从而对合作关系做出了自己的诠释。

The Shoe Surgeon是由运动鞋定制设计组织Surgeon Studios创办的Dominic Ciambrone,他从实用主义工作服中汲取了灵感,运用泥土色调激发了树林的灵感。

日本艺术家Kumanokoido用西非的蜡像,古董样品和军用迷彩拼凑而成。 根据Kumanokoido的说法,他的熊代表了他结交朋友并联系世界各地人们的愿望。

艺术家雅各布·罗切斯特(Jacob Rochester)则在帆布上绘制了该品牌,展示了一个运动中的男子,穿着Bodega x New Balance,代表了运动鞋本身的多功能性。

斯蒂芬·莫里斯(Stephen Morris)也在帆布上代表该品牌,他说:“这件作品的主旨是着眼于鞋子的质地,真正使它发光。 最重要的是重新创建纹理并捕获每个元素,从细微的阴影线到最后一个不可分割的针脚。”

Yeenjoy took his inspiration from the traditional Chinese porcelain techniques, producing a shoehorn incense holder, with the aim of merge together traditional Chinese craftsmanship with modern trends.

Studio Hagel, on the contrary, decided to wrap the shoes instead of highlighting them. The artist, who has already done wrapping works in the past, explained that the aim of wrapping is to create a new shape form the original design. 

Greater Goods used various clothing to create two bags, the tote bag and the large carry bag, inspired by the Ikea Frakta. The bags were created by using the Bodega New Balance shorts and the Bodega New Balance Pants and offcuts from the shorts.

All proceeds from sales will be donated to charity, specifically to HOLA – Hearts of Los Angeles, Center for Black Equity, The Loveland Foundation, Artists for Humanity, Inner-City- Arts, and Black Artist Fund. On Bodega official website, it is possible to purchase the items. 


相反,黑格尔工作室决定包裹鞋子,而不是突出鞋子。 这位过去已经做过包装工作的艺术家解释说,包装的目的是从原始设计中创建一个新的形状。

受到宜家Frakta的启发,Greater Goods使用各种服装制作了两个手提袋和手提袋。 这些手袋是使用Bodega New Balance短裤和Bodega New Balance裤子以及短裤的下摆制成的。

所有销售收益将捐赠给慈善机构,特别是捐赠给HOLA –洛杉矶之心,黑人权益中心,Loveland基金会,人文艺术家,城市内艺术和黑人艺术家基金。 在Bodega官方网站上可以购买到这些物品。