Artistic talents are once again connecting with luxury fashion houses to create something new: Berluti, which produces elegant men’s luxury items, has started a collaboration with the American sculptor and artist Brian Rochefort, who has created many abstract ceramic works. The artist’s works were transferred to shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, outerwear, bags and shoes.

The artist’s ceramic explosions, which resemble erupting volcanoes, add richness to the 2021 collection. These works inspired creative director Kris Van Assche, who is a collector of ceramics and a fan of the sculptor, to create this collaboration and create a new unique collection. A video was shot about the behind-the-scenes communication between Brian Rochefort and the creative director, which was shown as part of Digital Paris Fashion Week (the film can be found on

Variable colors of abstract, deconstructed ceramic objects are combined with the traditional texture of the brand. Lava, whose splashes have a rich color scheme, completely or partially fills the clothes. The methods used by the sculptor echo the methods practiced by Berluti’s own artisans in Italy. The result is interesting, impressive, creative, expressive, slightly adventurous items in the collection.

You will be able to find the collection on the shelves in stores in January 2021. Accept the challenge of our time and embody bright and brave fantasies in a unique and inimitable image! 

艺术才华再一次与奢侈时装屋联系起来,创造出新的事物:生产优雅男士奢侈物品的贝卢蒂(Berluti)已与美国雕塑家和艺术家布莱恩·罗什福尔(Brian Rochefort)开始合作,后者创作了许多抽象的陶瓷作品。 该艺术家的作品被转移到衬衫,运动衫,裤子,外套,手袋和鞋子上。

艺术家的陶瓷爆炸类似于火山喷发,为2021年的收藏增添了色彩。 这些作品启发了创意总监Kris Van Assche(他是陶瓷收藏家和雕刻家的爱好者)之间的合作,并创建了一个新的独特系列。 拍摄了一段有关Brian Rochefort与创意总监之间幕后交流的视频,该视频作为“数字巴黎时装周”的一部分进行了展示(该影片可在上找到)。

抽象,解构的陶瓷物件的可变颜色与品牌的传统质感相结合。 熔岩具有丰富的配色方案,可以完全或部分填充衣服。 雕刻家使用的方法与贝卢蒂(Berluti)自己的意大利工匠所采用的方法相呼应。 结果是该系列中有趣,令人印象深刻,富有创造力,富有表现力,略具冒险精神的物品。