Ai Weiwei (艾未未), a well-known Chinese contemporary artist, now living in the UK, created the installation “Safety Jackets Zipped the Other Way” for DIY HORNBACH, a German home improvement store. Explaining this collaboration artist says that “there are two types of stores one should visit — book shops and DIY stores. One serves the activity of the brain and the other provides the tools with which to make things happen”. 

The new work of art is a reflective safety jacket, fastened together and suspended on a metal structure. It is noteworthy that Ai Weiwei uses safety jackets in his work not for the first time, he has already had installations using protective clothing, in which the artist raised issues of migration and the situation of refugees. This work is a kind of reference to the installation of the 1980s called “Five Raincoats Holding Up a Star”. The main proposal of this work is to show democracy of art. The artist offers a new look at simple and familiar objects, shows a simple example of what art is for everyone, says that it should be accessible.

 It is interesting that every HORNBACH buyer can create such an art object. You only need to download the manual on the site and purchase the necessary components for such a sculpture in the store: safety jackets and metal sticks or any other rods, depending on the space in which you live. Thus, everyone can take part in a kind of game “fix it yourself”, feel like a creator, an artist and get an authentication certificate.

艾未未(艾未未),一个著名的中国当代艺术家,现在居住在英国,创建安装“安全夹克压缩的”DIY HORNBACH,德国家居店。这位合作艺术家解释说: “有两种类型的商店值得一去——书店和DIY商店。一种服务于大脑活动,另一种提供工具使事情发生”。