We can all see how the world we live in is changing. And we’re changing, too.

  • We’re starting to care more about the environment.
  • We’re discovering and using new tech.
  • Direct advertising annoys us, and we tend to steer clear of it.
  • It irks us when we feel brands ‘selling’ to us, and prefer thoughtful marketing.
  • We think a lot about our self-expression
  • We’re all wired into social media.
  • We’re more likely to buy things online than visit a store in person.
  • When buying something, we have the choice between local or international designers, or smaller brands overseas.

So, we ourselves are changing, and our buying behaviors too. And as these behaviors change, the market follows suit.

In other words, we ourselves are changing – and our buying behaviors are too. And as our purchasing habits change, the market follows where we lead. With that said, what are today’s market challenges? Competition – Every existing brand is competing with recent graduates leading their own up-and-coming brands.Visibility – Every brand is competing for those precious likes and follows on their followers’ Instagram feeds.Originality – Brands need to keep the balance between staying trendy and offering something different.Values – As we are all getting richer, most of us can afford iPhones and other hot new products. But expensive doesn’t always mean valuable, and consumers these days are seeking something more meaningful. It could be caring about our planet, artistic expression, specialist knowledge or supporting a community. And what do we see top brands doing in response to this paradigm shift in consumer values?


  • 我们开始更加关心环境了。
  • 我们发现和利用新技术。
  • 直接广告让我们厌烦,我们往往会避开它。
  • 当我们觉得品牌在向我们‘推销’,而更喜欢深思熟虑的营销方式时,我们会感到厌烦。
  • 我们对自我表达想了很多。
  • 我们都离不开社交媒体。
  • 我们更可能在网上买东西,而不是亲自去商店。
  • 买东西的时候,我们有本地设计师和国际设计师的选择,也有海外小品牌的选择。


话虽如此,今天的市场挑战是什么?竞争——每个现有的品牌都在与刚毕业的学生竞争,他们领导着自己的新兴品牌。可见性——每个品牌都在争夺那些宝贵的赞和关注。创意-品牌需要在保持时尚和提供不同的东西之间保持平衡。价值观——随着我们变得越来越富有,我们中的大多数人都能买得起iphone和其他热门的新产品。但昂贵并不总是意味着有价值,如今的消费者正在寻找更有意义的东西。它可以是关心我们的星球,艺术表达,专业知识或支持一个社区。 我们看到顶级品牌如何应对消费者价值观的这种范式转变?

Well, our favorite brands could be creating more useless items to attract our attention, or collaborating with each other to share their audiences, but a different trend has emerged…

Brands are engaging more with ART. 

Prada, Hermes, Dior, Gucci, LV, Fendi, Chanel, Gentle Monster… the list goes on.If you’ve been in Shanghai or Beijing you might have attended one of their shows.… and almost every other top brand are engaging in various ways with art, like creating art residency programs, artistic collections, artistic advertising and sharing artists’ personal stories.And as artistic fashion collections have already been around for years, brands are engaging with art in innovative ways to solve some of the market’s unique challenges.

Attracting attention on Instagram.

If a brand isn’t bringing fresh and engaging branded content on their social media, the audience will lose interest. Instagram is a very competitive arena where brands need to create (as we all do) a huge amount of thumb-stopping content daily in order not only to be visible to their faithful followers but also to attract new fans. Brands such as Gucci, Hermes, Gentle Monster and Undercover are teaming up with illustrators and artists to create beautiful and inspiring content for their social media following.



 普拉达(Prada)、爱马仕(Hermes)、迪奥(Dior)、古驰(Gucci)、LV、芬迪(Fendi)、香奈儿(Chanel)、温柔怪兽(Gentle Monster)…… 如果你在上海或北京,你可能已经参加了他们的一个节目。


如果一个品牌没有在其社交媒体上提供新鲜和吸引人的品牌内容,观众就会失去兴趣。 Instagram是一个竞争非常激烈的平台,各大品牌需要(正如我们都在做的那样)每天创造大量能够让人竖起大拇指的内容,不仅是为了让忠实的粉丝看到,也是为了吸引新的粉丝。古驰(Gucci)、爱马仕(Hermes)、Gentle Monster和Undercover等品牌正与插画师和艺术家合作,为它们的社交媒体粉丝创造美丽而鼓舞人心的内容。

Bringing more people into the shop.

Gentle Monster, LV, Jill Sander and Dover Street Market are rethinking the concept of the high street store and making it into a gallery, museum or immersive exhibition space. If you have never stepped into the Gentle Monster Store, take our full recommendation to step inside. The Korean sunglasses brand is creating a completely new universe in each of their stores. And it’s working for their business. Crazily long lines of people are stepping through their doors, taking selfies and buying their glasses. The store’s eye-catching features are visible even from outside and help create unforgettable experiences for their customers.

Engaging with sophisticated and artistic people 

As mentioned earlier, brands like Prada, Hermes, Dior, Gucci, LV, Fendi, Chanel and Gentle Monster are fuelling the hype surrounding contemporary art, and they are becoming curators within their own venue spaces to present it to eager audiences – audiences who can’t get enough.If you have ever made it in to any of Gucci’s shows, you’ll know it’s always packed to the rafters.Some brands are also becoming participators in art fairs and other art-based events. Here, they can not only meet new potential customers but also introduce themselves as a unique artistic brand.

When billboard advertising fails, turn it into art

Instead of the tired old idea of just printing and gluing an ad onto a billboard, paint it on! This artistic approach is what Gucci, Coach, Givenchy, Nike, Adidas, and other top brands are doing.Just check #gucciartwall on Instagram, to see for yourself that it works. With thousands of selfies taken in front of it. Have you ever seen a run-of-the-mill billboard turn so many heads?

Becoming the art itself by telling the brand’s story 

Through showing a heritage of the brand and the value they brought to the fashion industry through museums exhibitions and galleries, brands are presenting their very history as an exhibit. And brands such as Fendi, Chanel, LV, Dior, Tiffany and Lanvin have been noticed doing so in China.


温柔怪兽、LV、吉尔·桑德和多佛街市场正在重新思考高街商店的概念,并把它变成一个画廊、博物馆或沉浸式的展览空间。 如果你从来没有走进过温柔怪物商店,那就来看看我们的推荐吧。韩国太阳镜品牌正在他们的每一个商店里创造一个全新的世界。这对他们的生意很有帮助。人们疯狂地排起长龙,进门、自拍、买眼镜。商店引人注目的特点甚至可以从外面看到,这有助于为顾客创造难忘的体验。


如前所述,普拉达(Prada)、爱马仕(Hermes)、迪奥(Dior)、古驰(Gucci)、路易威登(LV)、芬迪(Fendi)、香奈儿(Chanel)和Gentle Monster等品牌正在助长围绕当代艺术的炒作,它们正在自己的场地内成为策展人,向热切的观众——无法满足的观众——展示当代艺术。如果你曾经参加过古驰的任何一场时装秀,你就会知道它总是人满为患。 一些品牌也成为了艺术博览会和其他艺术活动的参与者。在这里,他们不仅可以结识新的潜在客户,还可以介绍自己作为一个独特的艺术品牌。





The world is becoming more complex, and any brand needs to consider many more aspects and stay on trend in many ways. To survive in the contemporary world, brands should be innovative, dynamic, technological, sustainable, engaging, present 24/7 and above all else artistic.ART is not a cure-all pill for the fashion market’s woes, but rather a vitamin that boosts a brand’s vitality and appeals in the modern world. Let’s keep the conversation about art. Let’s also keep supporting the synergy of art and brands, as each new art collaboration benefits, not just the brand and the artists they commission, but society as a whole.